Bay of Islands

First, merry Christmas from the sunny side of the Earth! Here are a few more shots taken while my parents were (and, actually, still are) visiting me for the holidays. We were in Bay of Islands for the weekend, which is a couple hours north of Auckland, New Zealand.

The first one is a close shot of a carving on a war canoe (a waka, in Maori language) built 70 years ago to celebrate the treaty that brought peace between Maoris and Europeans back in 1840. I believe the eyes are made of what they call green stone here, which is a kind of jade. The wood is from a giant kauri tree.

The second one is an old boat (I’m not good at naming kinds of boats) you can actually sail on if you want to have the old school pirate experience!

And the last one was taken after a few hours on a more modern sailboat with our fantastic captain, Mike. The best way to discover Bay of Islands is by sea. And that’s even better on a sailboat. No noise at all (beside the waves…), dolphins swimming around (we got them last time, not this one unfortunately). Anyway, to make things short, Mike brought us to this wonderful little desert island to have lunch, with three lovely (and warm!) lagoons to dive in.

Did I mention it was just a few days before Christmas? If you’re from the Northern Hemisphere as I am, you should be looking at plane tickets right now!


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