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Things you can see in South Island

After a short truce for New Year’s (Happy New Year to you, reader!), here are a few photos taken last week while in South Island for holidays, around Queenstown and Fiordland. The whole South Island is pretty wild and deserted, with breathtaking sceneries every few kilometers. But the south end is especially famous to lovers of nature for its fjords and hikes around them. You have to book months in advance if you want to walk the Milford or Kepler tracks.

Anyway, this first picture was taken while on a boat on Milford Sound. We got pretty lucky with the weather: it rains 200 days a year there and the annual rainfall is something around 6 meters!

This second picture is a NZ robin, not shy at all, while walking in a forest near lake Manapouri. It seemed like it was attracted by the noise of the focus and kept moving towards my camera like a curious little child after a colorful toy. It then jumped on my shoe and tried to untie my laces with its beak.

And the last one looks more from Texas than from New Zealand. But it was yet a rodeo attraction in the middle of the desert between Queenstown and Wanaka, where heaps of people gathered on a sunny Sunday afternoon to watch some dudes trying to ride bulls. I wouldn’t want to be that guy in blue… (nothing happened to him though)

Happy new year to you all!


2 Responses to “Things you can see in South Island”

  1. Ilhan

    très belle ta photo de robin j’adore la composition.

    Mais on dirait que le flou est un peu forcé ? c’est ton objectif qui fait ça ? c’est quel objectif d’ailleurs ?

    • Pierre

      Forcé toi-même ! 😉 Oui, c’est le dernier objectif que j’ai acheté : un Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro. Je ne l’ouvre en général pas plus grand que f/4, car c’est jusque là qu’il a la meilleure netteté, mais là j’ai ouvert au plus grand (f/2.8) pour gagner en vitesse d’ouverture, car ce robin était un petit nerveux, il bougeait la tête tout le temps. Bref, c’est bien le flou naturel de l’objectif.

      Merci du commentaire et bonne année, eh, bro !


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