Gannets on Muriwai Beach

This morning I had one problem: I had no idea of what I could show here this week! I thought about taking some from my archives but since the point of this blog is also to make me go out, shoot pictures, and test new stuff, I felt it would have been kind of cheating.

Tonight I have a new problem: which pictures should I choose from this very nice late afternoon session up Muriwai beach? So thanks Jo, if you’re reading this, for inviting me to go up there with you! Hope you like the result. It was really hard picking the three I liked most.

Last thing, I was a bit disappointed when I realized I had forgotten my 17-50mm at home and only had my 50mm and 90mm with me, because I wanted to do some tests for the upcoming wedding of (great) friends of mine on this very same beach… Anyway, it’s a great place so I don’t mind having to come back.

So the point in this session was to shoot everything I could with the 90mm Macro. Well, I was actually quite surprised. This lens is much faster than I thought and most of the photos of the birds flying I took are perfectly sharp.

Ok, enough talking. The first one is Jo trying out her fancy new lenses, while all the gannets are nesting down there. I quite liked the colours and the composition in this one, with this bird flying high around.

The second one is a gannet from below. It was so quick I didn’t really realize it was looking at me when I took the shot, just when I came home.

And, just in case you thought there were only three birds in this place, you can see on this last picture that there are actually heaps of them.

Each year they come back to the very same (huge) rocks to nest and raise the kids, and then they fly God knows where. Great place, really.


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