Sailing in Auckland Harbour

One of the many advantages of living in Auckland is that the sea is everywhere around you. The city is situated on a very thin piece of land (it’s actually an isthmus, thanks Tony!) between the Tasman Sea on the West and the Pacific Ocean on the East. And the best view you can have of the city is from the sea.

Every Wednesday, several yacht clubs organize races in Auckland Harbour and I got lucky enough to be part of a crew yesterday. Twice lucky actually, because there were so many sailors on the boat that I didn’t have anything to do but to take pictures. It wasn’t the best time though, because it is summer here and the sun sets quite late. But I managed to get a few pictures I quite like.

The first two are from the very beginning of the race, with the famous Sky Tower in the background.

The last one was taken while going back to the Marina, the sun setting on the CBD.

I think there’s something about the sea air that makes you sleep quite well after sailing. I can hereby confirm it. I slept like a baby last night!


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