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Sonni on Piha beach

Yesterday was Auckland Anniversary here in New Zealand which, as you may guess, celebrates the birth of the city. It also means day off! And with the wonderful weather we finally had, it meant let’s go enjoy the black sand beach of Piha, some 45 minutes drive west of Auckland.

It’s been a long time I wanted to take pictures of my friend Sonni’s tattoos, and I had in mind a nice deserted landscape, maybe a lake surrounded by the bush. But after all Piha suited perfectly.

The first picture is just when we arrived on the beach, looking for a spot.

The tattoos he has actually cover his two arms, part of his chest and the top of his back. And the motifs are not random at all. They represent mythological northern gods taking the shape of snakes (one on each arm). He told me the whole story about them and I really wish I could tell it as well as he did. The thing I remember, though, is that there is neither good nor evil in northern mythology. Funny thing, really.

Anyway, the second one is Sonni stretching up on the beach.

And the last one is him taking pictures. Coz I didn’t tell you: not only has he beautiful massive tattoos, but he can also make pictures!

Thanks Sonni for letting me put these pictures here!


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