Blog photo de Pierre Girardeau


Last week, my friend Stephan called me to go and take pictures of the sunset over Auckland CBD from Mission Bay, which is a perfect viewpoint for that. Unfortunately, clouds were a bit too low for great sunset pictures.

But when we arrived on the spot there was this guy jumping like a gymnast and looking for people to take his picture. He was Russian and didn’t speak that much English so he explained to me the photo he wanted by drawing it on my notebook.

He is actually a Russian gymnast/journalist and takes pictures in this same position at every place he can get in the world.

People I showed this photo to all had a different reaction. So you might find it weird, you might find it fun. I found it unusual and fun enough to post it! Thanks, Eugeny, for letting me post this picture here.


6 Responses to “Eugeny”

  1. ilhan

    Super photo pierre, et belle utilisation du flash.

    • Pierre

      Merci Ilhan, marrant qu’on en ait parlé juste quelques jours avant. Ça a été utile, le coup du slow sync !

  2. Stefan

    Great shot! The flash is very well balanced with the ambient light. I also like the movement blurs. Well done! The fishing rod on the left could be removed though and maybe the horizon straightened. 😉

    • Pierre

      Thanks, Stefan, you were there to advise me 😉 Sorry for the straightening indeed, I edited it a bit quickly before going in vacation. Will look into it!


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