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Tongariro (again)

New Zealand is famous for its wilderness activities and especially for hiking. One of the most celebrated day hikes you can do is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. It is a 6 to 7 hour walk, south of the great lake Taupo, that leads you through emerald lakes, volcanic mountains and many other wonderful viewpoints.

All the pictures were taken quite high, right after the steepest part of the track (800m up a very windy path…). The first one is a view of what’s called the blue lake, on the left, and you can see a bit of the emerald lakes on the right. Their color is due to the presence of sulphur everywhere around. You can actually see some gas going up on the very right of the picture.

The second one is a closer view on the emerald lake (there are actually three of them there). As the shuttle driver told us : “You shouldn’t try to swim in these lakes, guys. Skin tends to melt in sulphuric water…

And the third one is while going down through the bush to the end of the trail. You can see the very definition of wilderness right here.

This was the second time I did the track and I was lucky with the weather twice! But this time there were a lot more people because it’s summer down here now. If you want to do it, I would recommend going in May or June. That’s definitely worth the trip. But be prepared. It’s not as easy as it looks like. There are also some natural hot pools around that are perfect to relax after the effort.


2 Responses to “Tongariro (again)”

  1. Stefan

    Great weather indeed! This track is easily one of the most beautiful walks I ever did. And an impressive place to take pictures. Your pictures of the lakes are great, but I especially like the vastness of the last photo. While doing the track, this view is even a little bit frustrating, since one realizes how far away the finish line still is. 😉

    • Pierre

      Exactly. That’s the reason why I put the sky so low, to render the fact that it was so hot and somehow heavy on myself because I knew we were not that close to the end… Thanks!


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