Vince and his D

Funny story, the one of Vince and his car. I was very surprised at first when he told me about his passion for the Citroën D (called DS in France). I mean, it is a classic in France notably because it used to be De Gaulle’s car. He actually got shot in that car, and because of its revolutionary suspension, the driver was able to continue driving with three tires for quite a while. But seeing a kiwi being so passionate about it really got me surprised.

This beautiful D is now 38 years old. It was built just the year before they stopped production. And it took Vince years to find one. For one good reason you might have guessed: money… These little babies are usually quite pricey. That’s when the funny story starts: the day after Vince tells his mechanic he stops searching for one because they’re just too expensive, this very mechanic gets a call from a 82-year old client who wants to sell one at a very reasonable price.

This guy had driven the D daily for 30 years! He had Vince come over at his place but he didn’t show him the car right away. First they had tea and even lunch: the owner wanted to talk and make sure the car would be looked after correctly. That’s the main thing he wanted; he wasn’t really after money for it.

Anyway, another (and last, promise) funny story about this car is how Vince planned years in advance how he could convince his wife it was worth spending so much on this car. Very simply, for their wedding day, he had a beautiful Citroën D to drive them around. I mean, no one could object it is a nice car for a wedding day. Then, some years after, when he found one to buy, his wife was naturally positive because it had been the car at her wedding. Bright guy, really!

Thanks Vince for letting me post these pictures, and for the good times we had chatting!


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